We have a unique opportunity to build the family-friendly community of the future.


Let’s shape it together.

Image: WZMH Architects

We invite you to explore a new complete community in the Consumers Road Business Park as envisioned by the community.

The Vision

Complete with high-quality public spaces, a daycare facility, and infrastructure for multi-modal transportation, this mixed-use community will have places to live, work and experience for people of all ages.


Different types of housing

Appropriate for all families.


A new office building

Replacing existing office space at 4 and 6 Lansing Square and introducing additional office space.


Enhanced connectivity

New pedestrian connections, sidewalks, bike lanes, and new road will support different modes of transportation.


A daycare facility

Providing the much-needed space for childcare in the neighbourhood and the City.


New public spaces

A new public park, a privately owned publicly accessible space, and open space will increase the vitality of the site.


ConsumersNext Secondary Plan

The master plan will implement the Secondary Plan.

Check back soon for more details about the plan.

Image: WZMH Architects

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